Feet on the ground

Head in the stars

Heart on fire


My Story

Hi, my name is Mariko Brenner. I am a Writer and Self Kindness Coach who works with visionary women/men to create a world with more kindness and equality for all.  I love seeing my clients begin to fully express their truth, in a way that is clear, free, empowered, peaceful and utterly irresistible to others.  I am a gifted healer and clear intuitive channel, who challenges wo/men to listen to the soft quiet voice of their soul. I am here to remind each person I meet that life is magic, and that anything we can dream is possible. 

Everything changed for me in 2014 when my health completely fell apart. Years of sleep deprivation, and the stress, and anxiety, and not speaking my truth, mixed with heartbreak caught up with me. I spent almost an entire year in bed, in complete burn out, hardly able to move or generate income everyday was a struggle. Then in 2015 I moved to California and begin seriously studying energy healing and yoga. Completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification and Reiki Master Certification the following year. I am now deeply grateful to have freedom to do work I love, that lights me up and fills my heart with joy. My work is part coaching, part energetic healing and unraveling, and connecting with intuitive guidance and deep inner knowing. It is my honor to guild women and men in seeing themselves more clearly and connecting with their and Speaking their Truth with Radical Self Love, and Kindness.

Are you are ready to feel calm and at peace, safe to speak your truth. Do you want to feel connected, joyful and free, while also being deeply grounded in your life’s purpose and working seemingly effortlessly from your gifts and your creative zone of genius? I am currently offering opportunities for both 1:1 Private Coaching, or Group Mastermind Support. Let’s connect! Together We Are Magic!