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In all the universe there is only one of you...

Are you living Joyfully, speaking you truth and creating your dream business effortlessly from your zone of genius?

My name is Mariko Brenner Life Coach and Modern Muse for creative small businesses…

I work with:

Artists, Healers, Coaches, and Creative Entrepreneurs.

Find our more about working together and book a free call for me now! I have just a few spots available for My 1:1 coaching offerings and I would love to connect to see if you are a hell yess to working together!


Know your value 1:1 Coaching

Connecting with your Self Worth, is the foundation for having both loving relationships and a thriving business.

Imagine for a moment how it would feel to have a job you love, doing the work are meant to do, and helping the people you are meant to help, and getting paid really well to do it. How is this different to the job or the businesses you currently have now? Imaging you also have the partner of your dreams, someone who gets and appreciates you, someone to go on adventures and eat macaroni with, someone who sees you deeply and loves you for who you really are anyway. Now imagine that your life feels light and carefree, and you have everything you need to feel happy. You feel completely clear about what you want to do with your life and the best actions to take to get you there. In fact you feel so in a flow state of existence that you are intuitively guided seemingly effortlessly to just the right people, situation and opportunities, as if by magic. In fact nice things appear to be happening to you all the time now, perfect situations arise, ideal clients are showing up and wanting to pay you for your work, and you start to feel fully confidant and at ease in any situation, able to trust your intuition in every moment.

We all know that feeling worthy of and asking for what we really want are keys to actually being able to receive the love and successes we are seeking. Whether we are asking for a date or a promotion, our eventual success is going to depend a lot on how much we think we are deserving of what we are asking, our ability sell/share the value we can offer in a given situation, and whether we think that the universe is a friendly place and that we are very likely to get what we want and need.

Know your value 1:1 coaching is a gentle but powerful opportunity work with a coach who can help you to into action in your life and business and get unstuck.

But what even is coaching? Coaching is 1:1 time with a caring human who’s mission in life is helping you succeed! A coach helps you to get in action and stay in action but more that this, a coach helps you to see your world differently, and because you see yourself and you world differently, so you show up differently and your world changes. Coaches provide you with perspective, positive encouragement, tools for time management, and managing your finances and energy. They lovingly provide you with accountability buddy, holding you accountable to you to yourself and your vision of the life you are wanting to create. They provide strategies for how to move you from where you are to where you most want to go seamlessly and effortlessly. And they show you your blindspot helping you to move forwards faster and then you would be able to do it by yourself.

Coaching saves you time, effort, and money. It gives you tools and awareness that you can use to help you have the happiness and finical success you have been craving, in you life and business. It’s also fun!

Are you interested?

When we know our own value and are able to ask for what we need/want without neediness or fear, we are able to share ourselves, and our businesses with the world in a way where our message is clear and powerful and we have no competition.

Let’s do this!

Your three month coaching jouney includes:

  •  12 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions via Zoom video call, meeting bi-weekly for the course the six months. With the option to have one or more sessions in person upon request.

  • l Magic: AKA Deep Listening and Compassionate Communication. Asking powerful question. Tools to dive into Empathic Listening, Self Inquiry and Self Compassion.

  • Text or E-mail and Voice messaging support between sessions, so you never need to be stuck between sessions.

  • Time management tools and strategies for busy young professionals, to assist you in becoming more preset, with your clients and family, while having the focus and clarity, to take powerful aligned actions, without burning out.

  • Tools for empaths and other sensitive beings. So that that you can ask for and receive what you are needing to enrich your life and happiness. As Empaths and sensitives, we are effected by the feeling of others around us, and it is essential to our wellbeing to establish and hold and healthy energetic boundaries, that are both firm, loving and kind. Being in our own gentle power, is where we can thrive, and be best able care for our own needs, and the needs of those we are serving!

  • Simple clear strategies for dealing with overwhelm and never enough time.

  • Additional Reading List and journaling prompts to fire up and inspire your art, and creative business.

This opportunity is not for you if you are if you are unwilling to see your self and your world in a different way. You already have a wonderful relationship + business. Your are already able to clearly share with your clients who you are and what you do, in a way where they just get it and want to support your work and pay you your true value right now.

Your Investment:

Your investment for this experience is 1,111 USD when paid in full.………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Currently there are only two ways we can work together! Sign up for my1:1 Coaching Inspired Business Coaching now, places are already filling up, or join my wait list for the Confidant and Kind Womexn’s group coaching experience. Coming soon…


Coming soon. The Confident and Kind Womxn a Group Coaching Experience.

Drop and email to marikobrenner@gmail.com for more into and to be notified when enrollment opens up.



Inspired Business Coaching A year long sacred container and 1:1 coaching experience for creative artist-healer and other Coaches, Creatives, Healers, Creative Boss Babes and Modern Day Muses, who want to create thriving and sustainable businesses, without burning out or losing their light.

What’s you bigger Vision and life purpose? Do you know your why?

If someone asked you at a party could you clearly explain to them what you do and why your offerings are of service to them in a way where they can immediately see the tremendous value you have to offer, and have them eagerly asking to sign up for, or purchase your classes, coaching packages, and healing sessions and one discovery calls sessions on the spot.

Being clear on what you do? Why you do it? Who it helps and who it is for is key to being able to talk about and share our work in a way where we know that we have fully conveyed the value of our work in a way that has people get and and then get us and be willing to invest their time, money and energy into supporting us and our businesses.

Ask yourself this. What would it do for my business if people instantly got the value of my work and wanted to buy from my business and support me write away.

What would having enough clients to sell out your products and offerings whenever you wanted do for your life and business. How would being connected with your mission deepest life’s purpose help to inspire others and grow your wealth and ability to take consistently take action.

What else might be possible for you? What would it feel like to be living deepest life’s purpose everyday? Would you be working make your art and grow your business? What would you be doing in your life differently? Would you be in a different job, a deferent city? Would you be traveling more? relationship? Would you be helping more people, or inspiring others through writing your books or sharing your message with a wider audience? How much money would you make, give, earn and circulate the the people and the causes that have meaning for you ?

Who would you be without your self doubts or fear failure and fear of success? Would you be a leader? A Creator? business owner? a spiritual teacher? a mother? A high priestess channeling wisdom from the divine?

How would you show up differently to how you are showing up now?What if you could drop all limiting doubts and fears of how and when and what will they think? what will they say?

What if everything you are dreaming of is possible for you? You just have to start taking that first step…

This journey for one year includes:

  • Private Weekly Coaching video calls via Zoom, meeting twice times per month, for the course the 11 moths.

  • Simple clear strategies for dealing with overwhelm and never enough time.

  • Time management tools and strategies for busy young professionals, to assist you in becoming more preset, with your clients and family, while having the focus and clarity, to take powerful aligned actions, without burning out.

  • Deep Magick: AKA Deep Listening and Compassionate Communication. Asking powerful question. Tools to dive into Empathic Listening, Self Inquiry and Self Compassion.

  • Text or E-mail support between sessions, to move you forward. A place to celebrate victories along the way and have questions answered between sessions.

  • Additional Reading List. Reading and journaling homework up may be assigned when appropriate to activate areas of your life.

Your Investment:

Your investment for this experience is 15,000 USD.

More/Extra: Inspired leadership 1:1 COACHING INCLUDES a place in my new group coaching program. The Confident and Kind Womxn a Group Coaching Experience for Modern Muses in Business. Coming soon.



The nitty gritty

Time Commitment 

Coaching is conducted via Zoom Video call unless otherwise agreed upon. As with other types of coaching Embodiment work has a time and emotional commitment to it. This might include, looking at the how you are currently supporting yourself physically, such as food, movement, sleep, meditation, or spending time in nature. However the focus of my work is not about getting you to DO MORE, but to receive insights that will change the way you see yourself and the way you operate in the world. Some of the most challenging work can be slowing down and doing fewer activities than you normally might. The amount of work that you complete outside of our sessions will very greatly depending on what goals intension that you choose to set in out fist session. However I have designed this container to be the most powerful and deeply supportive and joyful experience of deep personal clarity and connection with your own intuition and peace. This time is for you to connect with your clear inner knowing and deeper life purpose. The moment you say yes to yourself ofter before we even begin you will already be calling in help and intuitive guidance from you cosmic support team and being to experience profound shifts and realization. I have designed this to be a unique way to access you deepest magic and the unlimited power of your own intuition. And as you complete program don’t be surprised if you find yourself speaking your truth and channeling your own inspiration more often. When you are fully connected to your inspiration everything in life flows naturally, and seemingly without effort you meet the exact people you are meant to meat, you are in the right place at the correct time, you say the exact perfect thing in the moment, it is as if all the stars are in alignment just for you!

Note: If you have any questions about working with me please feel free to reach out to me at marikonner@gmail.com.  I am here to support you.  



Kind Words

Mariko was a pleasure to receive guidance from. She's accepting, kind, wise and knows how to reflect peace and action into your path in simple ways. I had the opportunity to talk to her at a crossroads in my life about three major issues in my life. You know when you have those problems that just keep rattling in your brain and you can't seem to get out of the loop? Honestly I had no idea that one call could help so much and you ease your frustrations and give you clarity around those issues that have been bugging you for a long time. I highly recommend connecting with her if you have any issues like that. She doesn't use a one size fits all approach and is able to see to your essence and needs pretty immediately. I am looking forward to working with her more and am beyond inspired to follow my dreams so I can create a world that I already see her as a key piece to. Thank you love!! Heds H

"My work is of high service and I am worthy of being compensated accordingly".  ~Haylay Tapper