When was the last time you were really happy?


Hi friend!     
If you’ve landed here then I am guessing you are someone who wants more happiness, success and peace.

You want to understand who you are, why you are here and what to do next…

Can I get a hell yes if you…

are exhausted from saying yes to everything. Feeling trapped, and resentful, lost in endless to-do lists, waking up every day feeling overwhelmed, going from one thing to the next and never having space to breath or feel truly alive. You have a mission so big it scares and excites you but are afraid to tell people about it, out of fear of being seen as too much or not knowing or being enough. Are feeling endlessly frustrated! Like you are grinding hard, doing all the thing, taking the classed, saying the positive money affirmations, juggling a million and one things, but you never seeming to get anywhere in your spiritual or service based Biz! Do you have a hard time making a clear decision or knowing what to do next in your life and business. You know deep in your soul that your dream life of service and impact is impossibly close, but you just can’t seem to break though the inner visibility and vulnerability blocks, that are preventing you from having your dream life right now.

I help womxn and men claim their power by connecting to their deepest mission and life purpose while feeling good now.

As a Happiness Coach, I love supporting my client to…

—feel grounded, deeply present, and at peace with energy to do all the things.

—be naturally their most confident selves and showing up so completely in alignment with their mission and deepest life’s purpose that selling their work becomes almost effortless.

—have total clarity when making decisions.

—stop people pleasing and prioritize their needs first, always.

—find the confidence to show up as a leader and teacher to start building a dream life + business through creating connection and growing community.

Welcome, the thought of this makes your heart beat faster you are in the right place!!!


I spent ten years doing work I hated, because I thought it would bring me happiness in the future.

HAPPINESS 1:1 Coaching is a three month program designed support you in allowing yourself to experience your greater happiness and peace. We all know that if you want to learn another language you need daily practice to gain fluency. Happiness is no different. You will be amazed by what is possible for you once you make a decision and commit to happiness.

helping people to be happy now.

I spent ten years feeling stressed out and miserable, doing work I didn't enjoy because I thought that’s what I needed to do, in order to be a successful human. All the while I kept telling myself that it was ok, to feel unhappy because I would be happy, next week, next month, in a couple of years! Then one day I woke up and decided that nothing, no amount of money or success in the future was going to make up for not enjoying my life right now. That’s when everything changed. It wasn't overnight. I had to completely learn how to be happy again, but this one decision has radically changed everything. It took me awhile to re-learn how to be happy, but by paying attention to how I felt, putting myself first in my own life, and prioritizing feeling good first I have slowly retrained my nervous system to feel exquisite peace, happiness, and nourishment daily. I now feel happier than I have in years. I want share with the world that happiness is real, that it matters, and that it is possible for you, so much sooner than you think it can be.

You are deserving of having everything you dream of, all the happiness, abundance, and peace, you are dreaming of. Not to mention the best quality support available to you. You have this one wild sweet, precious life. How are you caring for yourself on the way to living your dreams?


Hi there happiness

HAPPINESS 1:1 Coaching

As a coach I am devoted to helping my clients experienced deep healing, and profound transformation. I hold space for each human to come home to themselves and experience their true nature, of profound happiness, and peace. It is my joy to help womxn and men to claim their power and step in to their life’s purpose.

The journey:

  • 6 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions over the four months.

  • Deep and compassionate listening, and positive verbal encouragement always! So you feel seen, heard, and appreciated for who you really are.

  • Accountability and support in taking action.

  • Email support between sessions (like having access to your own person muse!)

  • Reading and journaling prompts as needed, for those who are ALWAYS learning.

  • Gifts chosen intuitively for you, because creativity thrives on beauty!

  • Tools for Empowerment. Energetic practices to support you in creating a life with more happiness, money, and magic.

Your Investment:                                                                                                                                               2,000 USD ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

Trusting my inner yes has led me on my healing journey to profound happiness, self-acceptance, and peace. Happiness is not the result, it is the way.


Watch your confidence and creativity take wing!


Happiness is not the result, it is the way…

Frequently asked questions:

What is coaching?

Working with a coach helps you to see your own blind spots because you begin to see the world differently, your world changes. Coaching provides accountability, high-quality support, and positive encouragement. Plus the shortcuts to fast track your life and make quantum leaps in your thinking, moving you forward exponentially faster than you could go on your own. Coaching also offers tools to help you manage our time, energy, and money because while you are complex the different areas of your life shouldn’t have to be.

What is Happiness Coaching?

Happiness Coaching is a way to receive high level 1:1 support and guidance in building new habits that support happiness. Happiness Coaching is for those who are ready to take action to create a life with more happiness and peace.

Is happiness even possible?

Yes! I 100 percent believe that if you are ready to feel happier in your life and put in the time every day to build new happiness habits, that happiness is possible for you!

How did you get started as a Coach?

I got started coaching in undergrad when I realized I had the capacity to hold space and practice deep listening in a way that caused people to feel deeply seen, loved and accepted for who they were and who they would ultimately become. I later went on to do my 200-hour yoga certification, and Holy Fire Reiki Master Training, completed a six-month coaching training with BYCA Coaching Academy, starting my coaching BIZ, Modern Muse LLC.

I believe you are so worthy of happiness now. It can be so much easier than you ever thought possible. Let me show you.

Mariko Brenner I said this once and I'll say it again, you have a beautiful calming presence that has influenced me to slow down and become comfortable in the silence, enough to absorb the present I know that you are doing work that you're meant to do.  - thank you!

Kayla Martin

Transformation and life purpose coach for millennials www.kaylamarilyn.com


Are you ready for happiness!!!

Are you ready for magic!!! Book a Happiness Consult.

I work with a very few highly committed dream babes in my three month Happiness 1:1 coaching program. To find out if we might be a good fit to work together you can sign up for a free 60min happiness consultation. People have already shared amazing feedback about the peace and clarity they experience during these 60min happiness consultations alone. There are no requirment to sign up for my paid offering ever. I only except clients who are a firm YES!

This 60min happiness consultation is my gift to you.


Kind Words

I approached Mariko for lifecoaching because I was at a really low point in my life. I had been let go from my job and I wasn’t sure what to do next. Mariko helped me to find the path that was right for me without having any predetermination or judgement about what the “right” choice was. There was always an open air of inquiry and exploration in our sessions. She was patient, and quiet, and funny at all the right moments. She held space for me. She encouraged me to grow and to do the hard things first but not to be so hard on myself. We walked and listened to the trees and strategized about what to do next.

Gabrielle Soltis Artist/Designer


Working with Mariko was just what I needed as I was building the foundation for my coaching business and I would highly recommend her coaching services. She has such a wonderful calming energy about her and each time we entered a session together, it was like I was entering a serene space that allowed me to focus on my goal and just the right actions I needed to achieve it! She helped me to tap into the building blocks I needed to work through in order to continue to achieve what I set out to do. Through our work together, I was able to create the balance and flow that I was yearning for and just the foundation I needed as I grow my business and make my vision a reality!

Christina Neyhart

mind-body-soul coaching www.christinaneyhart.com


Happiness is now.


I know how it can feel impossible to really go after what we want, but I believe in you, and that your voice matters. You have things to say that this world needs to hear. This is the year EVERYTHING changes. I believe that you are meant to feel good and that if I can find happiness, you can too.

If you’re feeling an intuitive nudge that this is for you, book a call and chat with me. Trusting that inner yes is what has led me on my journey to profound self-acceptance, happiness, and peace. Happiness is not the result, it is the way…

I believe you are so worthy of happiness now. What are you waiting for dear one? It can be so much easier than you ever thought possible. Let me show you.

Today is a beautiful day to Choose Happiness.