Hi Lovely

You are so ready for happiness


Hi friend!  I am so happy you found me.  If you are here then I’m guessing that you are probably a highly intuitive, sensitive and caring human, who wants to do magical and creative things in the world.   

You are wanting to….

- to feel seen, heard, accepted and loved for who you really are without having to change to please others or stand out  

- stop being invisible to be seen, recognized, and invited to share your creative gifts with the world

- knowing that you are already enough be able to relax, without having to constantly do more all the time

- break the endless loop of worry, self doubts, and criticism, inside your head that prevents you from taking action and living your best life

- show up and share your message as the leader and teacher you really are, because the world is waiting to hear what you have to say

- feel really good while you are building your dream life + business and hashtag crushing it

- stop giving away all of your time and services for free and finally be able change your worth

If this is you welcome, you are in the right place.

I help multi passionate creative men and women rediscover their happiness and magic + finally have time to do what they love.


Happiness Coaching. 1:1 Coaching and support

Happiness Coaching 1:1 coaching is a powerful three month coaching experience, designed to keep you in powerful action and to reconnect you with your deepest happiness while developing daily happiness habits. We all know that if you want to learn another language you need to daily practice to gain fluency and happiness is no different. If you are willing and put in the time and energy you will absolutely be amazed at what changes are possible for you, in a very short time.

We spend so much time, energy, and money into doing well in school, being the best at our job, the best partner, best lover, best husband/wife mother/father, manager, artist, healer, teacher, yogi, business owner, awake spiritual boss babe badass with the perfect social media!  What if we put a fraction of that time, love and attention into simply feeling good each day?  

I spent ten years feeling stressed out and miserable, doing work I didn't love because I thought that’s what I needed to do, in order to be successful human. All the while I kept telling myself that it was ok, to feel unhappy because I would could be happy, next week, next month, in a couple of years!   Then one day I woke up and decided that nothing, no amount of happiness or success or money in the future was going to make up for not enjoying my life right now.  And that’s when everything changed, and it wasn't overnight. I had to completely learn how to be happy again, but this one decision has radically changed everything.  It took me a full year re-learn how to be happy again, by paying attention to the way I felt, and putting myself first in my own life, and prioritizing feeling good first over trying to do everything faster and get it all done yesterday!  I now feel happier than I have in decades, and I want to share what I have learned with others and teach what has worked for me because I know it will work for you!  

You are so deserving of having everything you dream of off, all the happiness and love. including the best quality support available to you. You have this one wild sweet, precious life, how are you taking care of yourself on the way to YOUR dreams me dear?

I work with people want more radical happiness in their lives

Are you ready to choose happiness?

You are so worth is dear one

And you ARE already





The journey:

  • 60 minute Coaching Sessions every two weeks.

  • Email support between sessions (like having access to your own person muse!)

  • Reading and journaling prompts as needed, for those who are ALWAYS learning.

  • A powerful accountability partner to lovingly hold you true to your highest and best.

  • Gifts chosen intuitively for you, because creativity thrives on beauty!

  • Positive verbal encouragement always! Deep and compassionate listening, so that you feel really seen and heard and appreciated for who you really are without needing to change anything!

  • Tools for Empowerment. The exact practices that I have used in my own healing, that have allowed me to manifest travel, friends, and recently 7,000 USD by just be being me!

We are humans, we are, powerful beyond all measure and today is a beautiful day to 

Choose Happiness 

With Love,

Mariko Brenner

Modern Muse LLC Detroit MI + The World


Watch your confidence and creative businesses take wing!

Frequently asked questions:

What is coaching?

  • Happiness Coaching is 1:1 time with someone who believes in your success before you even believe in yourself!

  • A Coach provide positive verbal encouragement, and they also provide tools for time management, and managing your finances and energy as well.

  • Coaches help you not only to see your own blind spots, but to see your world differently, because you see the world differently, your world changes.

  • The give you the support to be able to make quantum leaps in your thinking, and to move you forwards exponentially faster and then you would be able to trying to work it all out on your own. They show you the sweet spots and the shortcuts you might miss by trying to do it all by yourself.

Will Happiness Coaching make me look cuter?

Short answer yes! It has worked for me so there is no reason it shouldn’t work for you too!

Is true happiness even possible?

Yes! I 100 percent believe that happiness is possible for you!

How did you get started as a Coach? How can I become a coach?

There are many ways to become a coach. I have a studies Online Marketing, Vinyasa Yoga, Reiki Energy Healing, Self Inquiry, Mindfulness, and Embodiment as well as Studio Pottery. If you are interested becoming a coach I would recommend first of all working with a good coach, to see what it’s all about. Secondly I think that anyone who is interested in coaching should absolutely do a two hundred hour yoga teacher training of some kind, because it will help you to hold space for your clients, and teach you some basics of self inquiry which is huge. Lastly I would have a look at BYCA or the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy which is a coaching certification program out of Australia, and is the program I trained with as a coach.

Guarantee and refund policy: 

Coaching is an art and a two way contract between the coach and the person being coached, who is committed to showing up and taking the radical actions necessary to transform their life from the inside out.  My commitment to your as the coach is that I will show up for you 100 percent. I will give you the most powerful coaching experience within my power and believe in you and your dreams 100 percent, before you even believe in them yourself!  I believe that when we are committed to our own happiness first our life changes. I believe 100 present that YOU create the results you are seeking, and because of this I have a no refund policy. Because when you are willing to show up and commit to yourself and your dreams 100 percent that’s when the magic happens.  

Past clients I have supported have gone on to create blogs and land based healing projects, received grants and residences, started their own fine art galleries, founded contemporary dance companies.

This opportunity is not for you if:

+You are unwilling to see yourself and your world in a different way.

Your Investment:                                                                                                                                               1,111 USD when paid in full or four payments of 333 USD ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….


What are you waiting for…

Are you ready for magic!!!

I work with a very few highly committed dream babes in my1:1 coaching offerings! If this sound like you then drop me a quick email and book a free 60min coaching session today!

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Kind Words from past clients:

Working with Mariko was just what I needed as I was building the foundation for my coaching business and I would highly recommend her coaching services. She has such a wonderful calming energy about her and each time we entered a session together, it was like I was entering a serene space that allowed me to focus on my goal and just the right actions I needed to achieve it! She helped me to tap into the building blocks I needed to work through in order to continue to achieve what I set out to do. Through our work together, I was able to create the balance and flow that I was yearning for and just the foundation I needed as I grow my business and make my vision a reality!

Christina Neyhart

mind-body-soul coaching www.christinaneyhart.com

I approached Mariko for lifecoaching because I was at a really low point in my life. I had been let go from my job and I wasn’t sure what to do next. Mariko helped me to find the path that was right for me without having any predetermination or judgement about what the “right” choice was. There was always an open air of inquiry and exploration in our sessions. She was patient, and quiet, and funny at all the right moments. She held space for me. She encouraged me to grow and to do the hard things first but not to be so hard on myself. We walked and listened to the trees and strategized about what to do next.

Gabrielle Soltis