Hi I’m Mariko Brenner, Happiness Coach for humans who want to feel more happiness and peace.


Photos by @samblock_untamed

I know you. There’s something big and important you are meant to be doing in this world, but you can’t quite put a finger on what your mission is.

You want to say yes to all the things, then feel lost in endless to-do lists. The intensity and drive to be always doing without pause isn’t nourishing your soul. You feel near constant overwhelm, never giving yourself space to breathe.

I’ve been there too, for ten years I head down in my work and school, focused heart and soul on becoming a studio potter and sculpture. Pursuing my dreams of making a life as a studio artist I got accepted to a private art school. My undergrad years were a blur of panic, I was spending between 60-80 hours a week on school work, going from one class deadline to the next and constantly worried that I wasn’t doing enough.

As a sensitive human and empathic human, I struggled with how to protect my energy, constant anxiousness, intense sadness at the state of our world, and trying to cope and keep up with the demands and speed outside conditioning that that was constantly telling me I wasn’t producing fast enough, and telling me that I needed to #domore in order to #havemore and #bemore #faster. At one point my anxiety with living this way became so extreme I could leave my house because the world outside of my apartment felt too scary and overwhelming.

You know that trying to do all the things is a losing battle and that something profound needs to change in order to have the lasting peace and ease you seek.

A lot has changed since then, I have experienced deep healing, many spiritual awakenings, and profound transformation. Coming home to myself and my true nature which is the most profound happiness and peace. I have devoted myself to learning how to heal and hold space for healing and transformations to take place in others and I now help epic humans to claim their power, gifts, and deepest purpose, by connecting to their mission and allowing their own happiness, presence through embodiment, and radical peace. My past struggles and the person I was, seem to me now like some distant memory. I now find myself, happy, free from anxiety, and irrational doubts and fear, able to speak my truth with kindness, and joyfully share my gifts, from a place of full of self-love and compassionately bringing my dreams into reality and painting tiny seeds for my mission, which is to live in a world where everyone has what they need, this is my vision for the future.

Feet on the ground

Head in the stars

Heart on fire


helping people to be happy.