Hi, I’m Mariko, a Happiness Coach & Creatrix for multi passionate humans. I believes that all dreams are possible. Including unicorns!


Feet on the ground

Head in the stars

Heart on fire


Hi, I’m Mariko, a Happiness Coach & Creatrix for multi passionate humans. I help multi passionate humans to dream bigger, find happiness, and believe that our dreams are completely possible, including unicorns.

For many years I wanted to make the world a more beautiful place by making ceramics and teaching art as a college professor.  I spent years studying art and betting a BFA from a fancy privet art school because I thought that’s what I needed to to in order to be successful.  

But once I gotten my fancy piece of paper I suddenly realized that I had fallen out of love with clay. From there, I went into a long 18 moth tunnel of having no clue who I was becoming and what I wanted to do with my life! I spent a the year after graduation feeling depressed and exhausted, too anxious and unhappy to get in my car and drive to my studio to make my art most days. It was a dark time for me. After this seemingly endless year things stared to shift. I moved to California and was living a sunny tree house, and had I started to have energy to make art again. My heart wasn't in clay anymore so I wrote letters, grew desert plants and the window ledge, made postcard sized paintings and hand bound books from brightly colored papers spread out on the floor of my tiny bedroom.  

I loved my time in my sunny tree house but also knew that I couldn't stay there… I had traveled to strange new lands and learned many things about myself. I received my two hundred hour yoga certification and complete my Reiki Master training, and led a womxn’s mindfulness writing group.  I knew I needed to move home to the Midwest for a time to be with my family.

Around this time I visited a dear family friend. I spent two weeks at her on her mountain top sanctuary. And when I came down from the mountain I knew that what I was a happiness coach and that I had found my path! From there the pieces begin to fall into place. I found a coaching certification training program that was a hell yes for me. I stared working with clients who felt trapped in work they hated, and wanted to be support themselves with their art. I devoured books on how to be a masterful coach. I began working with a business coach on my own, and decided to sign up for a year long business and marketing program.

But despite knowing now having a clear direction again something very important was missing…  One day looked back at my life and saw that it had been ten years since the last time I had been really happy.  I realized that I had spent the a decade striving towards success and not taking care of how I felt. For years I had completely ignored the needs of soft animal body I live in, and the voice of my heart.

That day I woke up and decided that nothing, No amount of happiness or money or love in the future could make up for being unhappy now, today. 

That one decision had changed everything in my life and business.  It took me another full year making different choices, slowly unlearning old painful patters, and to relearn how to be happy again.  It has taken me a long time to pay attention to my feelings and put myself first in my own life, but this is what I have done and this is also the path a now teach others.  

Choosing to do what actually feels good to me now, instead of what I believed I needed to do in order to eventually create life I wanted has allowed me to 

  • Speak my truth

  • Radically heal my relationship with money

  • Manifest 7,000 to pay off student debt

  • Work with a high ticket business coach for free

  • Be able serve at a much deeper level

I am becoming the women I have always wanted to be but the best part is I feel happy now! And it doesn’t have to end here, really this is just the beginning.

Currently there are two ways to work with me, 1:1 Private Coaching, and Group Mastermind Support. Together We Are Magic!